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Thank you so much for taking your valuable time to visit my site!

I am an Actor, Singer, Dancer, Comedian and a Writer but most importantly....


I am a StoryTeller & Creator.

I bring lots of insight, with objective persepctives, to projects I work on. Cultivating connection with those I work with is important to me. I am amazed by the opportunities magnetized all around me when working on set or stage.

I naturally like to influence and inspire those around me. Inspiring trust in people and offering optimistic, powerful guidance, is key for me. I have a gift for seeing possibility in everyone and everything.

I'd be grateful for the chance to share my gifts with you.

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Let's Make Magic!



  1. a person who is bright and radiant, steadfast, talented, magnetic and a sacral energy all-star:                     "KJ is the actor you want and need"


ASAP Talent Agency




27955 Smyth Dr. Suite 103

Valencia, CA 91355



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